In 2019, every business should be using new, modern, and digital ways of advertising. This means dentists should already be looking to ditch traditional ways of advertising. If not, they are playing a dangerous game of catch up with the World Wide Web. There are a number of ways a dentist can further their online presence to stay ahead of the competition.

Dentist Online Presence
Dentists Use Google & Facebook | Form of Modern Advertising
Making Your Digital Footprint HUGE

Whether it’s through Google, Facebook, or just word of mouth, you need to acquire customers. Facebook ads run locally and Google click-to-call ads are perfect to start advertising online. Within Facebook, also use demographic targeting; women make 90% of all dental buying decisions. Remind people to come into your practice for their appointments by calling them. Within Google, target different incomes depending on what you are trying to sell. Ads for teeth whitening or veneers could be used to target high income levels, while lower income levels could see ads for maintaining basic dental health.

Besides doing ads on the two previous platforms mentioned, try branching out. You could post on Instagram and show a happy patient or give an exclusive offer. Even using Google Maps or Waze ads is great for targeting locations. Having positive reviews on Yelp and Google also helps a ton! Be sure to treat the customer right every single time; kindness goes a far way! Post videos on YouTube with your staff as the stars to build trust with your viewers. Offer referral bonuses to existing patients to build on more clientele. Most importantly, stay in touch with your customers, whether it be through email marketing or actual mail.

Not Your Average Dentist

Go the extra yard and be the dentist who everyone loves. Stay in touch with your patients and be their friend! Also, use the digital marketplace to your advantage and dominate your area as the go-to dentist. Use the strategies mentioned above to further advance your practice’s online presence. Best of luck! To talk in more detail about how a dentist can further their online presence, click here.

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