Hail Damage Roof

The second part to The Event is the Inspection. This is the time when you first start to look around the inside of your house – at the ceiling, around the windows, in the basement – checking for any kind of irregularity. A water spot on the ceiling, carpet is wet under a window, or a window screen is torn. These are the first things you would likely notice inside your home after a significant Event.

After you’ve discovered some effects of the storm inside your home, you venture outside. It’s calm, birds are chirping and the sun is out. This is when you start to walk around the outside of your house, and you look for things that may be displaced. Some things will be obvious.

The grill cover is blown off, a couple of the glass garden ornaments are shattered as you round the corner. You look up toward your roof, and you see fascia that has been displaced. You may also notice some things that are not as obvious, holes in some of your plants, perhaps you notice some spots on your deck where the paint is chipped. All of these things tell a story, and they confirm that your property was affected by this storm.

There is now a choice for you to make. To your untrained eye, there seems to be a decent amount of damage to your home. Things are displaced, and some things are legitimately broken or missing. But, how serious is the damage, and what exactly is the extent of the damage?

At this point you need to decide whether or not to bring a professional in for an inspection. Based on your initial inspection, is it worth your energy to contact a contractor to perform a legitimate full inspection of your property?

We would encourage you, at this stage in the game, to proceed and contact a Pro. Take advantage of a free home inspection. These are things that may be worth a claim. We will talk more about an in-depth professional inspection in the next step.

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